Corsica CRC



AUGUST 2, 2020

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Preaching: Pastor Jack Gray

Prelude: Barbara Noteboom

“My Peace”

Welcome & Announcements

Call to Worship

Opening Prayer

*84 Holy Spirit, Light Divine

*God’s Greeting

*Praise Songs: Holy Spirit

Spirit Song

God’s Guide for Living: Spotlight on the Holy Spirit

90 Spirit of the Living God

Congregational Prayer

*87 Breathe on Me, Breath of God

Scripture: Acts 2:1-4

Text: Acts 2:2

Message: Blowin’ in the Wind

Outline: I. World’s Whirlwind, II. Holy Spirit’s Wind

Prayer for Blessing

* Dwell in Me O Blessed Spirit

Offertory Prayer (offering collect in back)



*86 Spirit of God, Who Dwells Within My Heart (1)



No evening services

at this time



What is comforting about knowing we have survived similar situations like ours today?

What are whirlwind answers of the world we Christians reject.

Why can Christians in the Reformed and Pentecostal tradition both claim John Calvin?

List some questions that are answered by the Holy Spirit’s work even before creation.

Describe how Holy Spirit’s brings happy events to our lives to answer why we are here.

Explain the Holy Spirit’s authorship of the Bible that contains every answer we need.

Show how the Holy Spirit’s paving the way for Christ’s return explains current events.

What answers is the Holy Spirit providing you with His presence, peace, pardon, and
purification in your life right now.


WELCOME to worship this morning, we’re so glad you’re here! We are thankful for the leadership of Pastor Jack Gray of Sioux Falls as we worship.

WORSHIP GUIDELINES: Due to the continued concern of COVID19, we will observe guidelines on the church websites. Morning worship at Grace weeks 1&3, and at the CRC weeks 2&4. If you are more comfortable staying home, we stream live at 10 AM, post later to YouTube, or view service on channel 95 on Sunday afternoon.

PRAISE TEAM: Today—Elroy, Elliott, Marissa, Cadyn, Vicki (piano); Next Week at CRC: Cassie, Marsha, Kelsey & Lexie

OFFERING: Please mail offerings to either church or deposit in the box in back of church.
    CRC Offering: Ben Meyer;     Next Week—DCS.

BULLETIN DELIVERY: Due to the lockdowns at both the nursing home and Leisure Living, bulletins will be sent by email to the facilities.

CHAPEL CLEANING: Supplies are located in the southeast entry of the CRC. Please return any collected offering directly to George Veenstra.
    Wk. of Aug. 3: Fred Ligtenberg         Wk. of Aug. 10: Lonny Grathwohl
    Wk. of Aug. 17: Tom Gerlach            Wk. of Aug. 24: Gordon Feenstra


TUESDAY: 2-4 PM. GEMS meets at New Holland CRC

SATURDAY: 5-7 PM Please come out and support Natalie and Jagger Groeneweg at a fundraiser including a pulled pork supper (5-7 pm), and a live and silent auction (7 pm live auction).

SUN., AUG. 9: Next Sunday we will worship at the CRC with Duane Smith. This service will be live on FaceBook and on Channel 95 local TV and YouTube following the service.

August 30: 5th Sunday in Grace Reformed.



  • Chad Wentland is undergoing treatments for cancer; please pray for strength through the treatments and that they would be effective.

  • Marla Kiser (Ann Scholten’s daughter) continues to receive cancer treatments and thanks you for your continued prayers.

  • Continue to pray for protection on the health of our church family members, especially those most vulnerable in the nursing home and Leisure Living.

  • Beth Eisenbraun, daughter of Verlin and Helen Vander Wal,has been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. She will need both chemo and radiation treatments, followed by surgery. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. this past week.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tara Wentland (Aug. 2), Camden Plooster (Aug. 7); Happy Anniversary to Don & Mary Bosma (Aug. 6), Steve & Sandra Entringer (Aug. 8). Wishing all a great day!

LIVESTREAM HELP NEEDED: We would like to continue live streaming our services on FaceBook but need help. If interested in helping or have questions, please let Kim know. 

POWER POINT HELP NEEDED: Help is needed to put together and project PowerPoint at the CRC. If you are only comfortable with projecting the slideshow rather than making it, that is also possible. If interested in helping or have questions, please let Kim know.

YOUTH LEADERS NEEDED: Please prayerfully consider if God is calling you to this role in our church family and community. Contact Scott Muckey if interested in volunteering.

GRACE REFORMED: Please send all future bulletin announcements to Kris Van Zee.

GREETING CARDS: There are new greeting cards available for purchase in the CRC basement. Please pay Gloria Beukelman for your purchases.



DCSl will hold its annual Society Meeting Mon. Aug. 3 at 7:30 p.m. in the gymnasium. 
You will be asked to approve a new budget, amend the by-laws, and vote for new board members at this meeting. The nominees are: Devin De Lange, Ryan Erickson, Kirsti Muckey, Dillon Munneke, Rudy Niewenhuis, and Lisa Van Dusseldorp; you will be asked to vote for three. All DCS supporters are welcome and encouraged to attend. Absentee ballots are available at the DCS office.

WOMEN’S RETREAT AT NEW HOPE CAMP: We have rescheduled our time to focus on "Beautiful Things" with speaker Kim Krull to Sept. 11 & 12. Find out more online at and register to join us for a time of refocusing on the beautiful things of God rather than the ugly things of this world.




Restart Worship Services for Grace/CRC—Corsica, SD May 2020

There are various thoughts about COVID-19 and we want you to follow your heart and make conscientious decisions you are comfortable with. If you don’t feel well, have a compromised immune system, respiratory symptoms, fever, or chronic health condition, please stay home and continue enjoying the services online. Even if you are healthy and have any doubts at all about attending, we encourage you to remain home. Your peace of mind and health is still our main priority.

Grace/CRC Consistories decided to restart public worship services in the morning only, beginning May 31 at CRC and rotate between sites each week from there out until further notice. So Grace would be odd week Sundays (Weeks 1 & 3) and CRC would be even week Sundays (Weeks 2 & 4). We will use alternating church benches to sit in to keep distance between groups as necessary.

Entrance to Worship (Please maintain appropriate social distance of 6 ft.)

  • There will be ushers to assist you as you enter the sanctuary.
  • Everyone is encouraged to use personal hand sanitizer or wipes.
  • Each household or family group will sit in a bench. We will usher you to a bench with another group if we can maintain the 6 ft. distance between people groups.
  • The balcony/fellowship areas will be available and if we need to set up additional seating, we will.


People Assisting in Worship

  • People will carry our regular scheduled worship functions only if they feel comfortable doing so.
  • We will not start up the following functions at this time yet:
            No nursery
            No children’s church
            No Sunday school
            No coffee & cookies


Music and Recording

  • The praise team members will be spaced apart from each other appropriately.
  • The sound operator would place mics on the stands using a wipe—we will also move them
    back a distance from facing others.
  • We will continue to provide a taped/recorded version in some manner.


During the Worship Service

  • There will be no time of mutual greeting during the worship service.



  • Offerings will not be taken during the service, instead an offering plate for each church will be placed in the entry of the facility we are using each Sunday. You can also give offerings as we have been giving during the closure.


After the Worship Service

  • People will be dismissed by the usher one row at a time.
  • Everyone will be asked to go directly outside.


Please contact a consistory member with any questions/comments. Thank you for your cooperation.