Corsica CRC



January 17, 2021

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Preaching: Pastor Scott Nichols

Scripture: Matthew 24:36-44

Message: In the Days of Noah (2)



WELCOME! We are thankful you have joined us to worship our great and faithful God together.

CRC Offering: Today—Dakota Christian School; Next Week: We Care Fund

Offerings: Please mail offerings to either church or deposit in the box in back of church.

Bulletin Delivery: Due to the lockdowns at both the nursing home and Leisure Living, bulletins are sent by email to the facilities.

Children & Worship: Today: “Jesus in the Wilderness,” Cali & Claire; Next Week: “The Mustard Seed,” Corbin & Tyson

Praise Teams: Today: Tom, Natalie, Ivory, Marsha; Next Week: Gord & Betty, Vicki, Elliott

Worship in January: Worship services for the month of January will be held at the CRC facility. Messages will be offered electronically as well. If you are more comfortable staying home, we are streaming live at 10 a.m. and posting later to YouTube. You can also view the service in Corsica on channel 95 following the service on Sunday afternoon.


Prayers for God’s People:

  • Please pray for Verlin Vander Wal as he recovers in Armour from successful open heart surgery.

  • Please continue to pray for our church family members and their family members who are fighting cancer: Chad Wentland, Beth Eisenbraun (daughter of Verlin & Helen Vander Wal), and Marla Kiser (Ann Scholten’s daughter).

  • Please pray for families in our church as they care for loved ones in need on a daily basis, sometimes in their homes and sometimes from a distance.

  • Continue to pray for protection on the health of our church family members, especially those most vulnerable in the nursing home and Leisure Living, and those working on the front lines in health care.


Happy Birthday to Mary Van’t Haaff and Audra Bormann (Jan. 18), Bruce Zomer (Jan. 19) and Jen Plooster (Jan. 20). Have a great day!


Opportunities to Grow and Serve

Sunday 10:00 a.m. Morning Worship/Children & Worship at the CRC
              11:15 a.m. Sunday School at the CRC

Monday 7:00 p.m. CRC Council meeting at the CRC
               8:00 p.m. Joint Leadership meeting at the CRC
               9:00 p.m. Grace Consistory meeting at the CRC


Attention quilters: If you are working on quilt tops at home, please make to size 50”x60” to match the quilt backings that are on hand.

Attention Grace members: A new signup sheet for janitorial duties for 2021 has been posted in the Grace Church. Please consider this valuable service to the church and its members. If you have any questions, please talk to an elder or deacon.


Requested Announcements

From Dakota Christian School: It is chicken pot pie season again. DCS Fellowship will be making homemade, double crust chicken pot pies on Thursday, Feb. 11. Think "very unromantic Valentine's Day gift" for someone special in your life. Pot pies are a good thing to have in your freezer to share with someone else. Please fill out and return to Denise VanderPol by Feb. 1.